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Volunteer Descriptions

Starter: This person will announce each race over the loud speaker, They are responsible for starting each race. They will work with Lead official to run home meets. Training required.

Stroke and Turn judge: Ensure that all swimmers are swimming according to USA Swimming Standards. Appropriately fill out DQ slips as needed. Training required.

Announcer: Make announcements as needed throughout the meet. Play appropriate music during the meet. Be prepared to announce events and communicate important information over the speaker system.

Head Timer: For home meets only, this person will operate timers as back up for a lane timer who misses a start. This person is to hold a pre-meet meeting with all timers to instruct timers on how to use the timer.

Scorekeeper: This person electronically enters meet results into the computer database during home & away meets. Training required.

Scorekeeper assistant: help the scorekeeper input times into the meet software. May include data entry and / or reading out information to scorekeeper. Computer skills a plus.

Ribbon Writer: Upon receipt of the official results from the scorekeeper, this person affixes labels to the appropriate ribbons. Ribbons must be completed by Sunday Evening for Monday practice, and brought to the pool in the morning by the end of the first practice session.

Sheet Runner: This person will collect time sheets and DQ slips from poolside timers/ stroke & turn judges and deliver to the Scorekeeper.

Lane Organizer: These people line up swimmers for their races. They will use the meet program to confirm that all swimmers for each EVENT get seated in proper position upon arrival at Clerk of Course area. 

Kid Finder : they are responsible for attempting to find Hammerhead swimmers who are missing from the clerk of course area (i.e. Swimmers not paying attention to when they are supposed to line up). Work with Lane Organizers and Clerk of Course.

Lane Timers(number required depends on number of lanes at the meet): These people will meet with Head Timer before the meet begins and will be assigned a lane to time swimmers. They will be required to start & stop watch, record times & clear watches per GASL requirements. (# of lanes x 3/ # of competing teams)

Concessions (4): These people will help set up, work, & take down concession stand during all home meets. They will assist in sales and all aspects of running concession stand.

Concessions set up / Concessions Runner (2): arrive at pool early to assist with unloading the concessions vehicles and assist with setting up the concessions area. During the meet, be on call to run to a local store if concessions runs out of supplies.

Grill Master: This person will man the concession stand grill for a home meet.

Before meet Set up: These people will help set up lane lines, tables, chairs, tents, umbrellas and trash cans for home meets. They must arrive the evening before the meet by 8:45pm. May also be needed to help on the morning of the meet if all set up is not complete the night prior. They will assist set up/take down coordinators in all aspects of setting up for a home meet.

After Meet Clean-up (2): These people will help clean up lane lines, tables, chairs, umbrellas and trash cans & reset pool per community requirements after a home meet. They will assist set up/take down coordinators in all aspects of cleaning up after a home meet. They will also preform a final check of the bathroom facilities.

Bathroom Attendant: Check the bathrooms for cleanliness and paper products. Ensure that there is no horseplay taking place in the bathrooms. The bathrooms should be checked at minimum of 3 times during a home meet, and paper products should be replaced as needed. They also need to be checked at the end of the meet, and paper products replaced.

Meet Marshall: Ensure appropriate flow of meet on deck. Make sure that only officials, coaches, appropriate volunteers, and timers are in the area close to the pool during meets. Help direct swimmer and spectator traffic around pool deck area.

Photographer: Take photos of swimmers as they are competing in events and provide these photos to the team to share on website and/or social media.

Volunteer Coordinator: Check in all Volunteers and answer questions. Ensure all volunteers are in their correct position at the start of the meet. Coordinate the change of volunteers halfway through the meet. Assist the Meet Marshall to ensure authorized people on are “On Deck”. Assist with General running of meet. Training Required

Volunteer Coordinator Assistant: Make name tags for all volunteers the night prior to the meet. Help Check in volunteers. Assist the volunteer coordinator with finding any missing volunteers, and relief volunteers as needed.

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